7 Water-Saving Smart Shower Heads You Need to Install in Your Bathroom Now

Think you take long showers? These smart shower heads (some Alexa-controlled) can track your water usage for you - and save you money, too! Come check them out:

Are you a shower hog?

How much shower water do you waste? Chances are you have no idea. We weren't sure about our water usage either, so we consulted the experts — and the numbers are surprising.

According to Jonah Schein of the U.S. EPA's Water Sense program, 20% of most shower water is wasted. Further estimations calculated that Americans use around 40 gallons of shower water per day per household, which comes out to about 1.2 trillion gallons nationwide annually. 

Twenty percent of that 1.2 trillion comes out to 200 billion gallons of water being wasted every year — and that's just shower wastage alone!

That's a whole lotta wasted water. 

But water isn't all that's being wasted

Add the fact that it's often heated water flowing down the drain by the gallons, and we've got another problem. Turns out heating up all that water in the hot water heater makes up a big chunk of your electric bill, according to the Department of Energy — as much as 17% of the total home electricity bill, to be exact. 

This means cutting back on showers not only conserves water, but it can also save you money on the power bill — a double whammy!

Smart showers to the rescue

So how can you cut back on shower water? Well, aside from setting timers, taking Navy showers, or maybe hanging up a shower curtain like this, there haven't been many options available. 

But now? There are some impressively innovative gadgets like smart shower heads, many of which track your water usage to help conserve water and avoid wastage — all while simultaneously playing music, storing your shower water data, alerting you of your shower temperature or gallons-per-minute (GPM) usage with colorful LED lights, and more. 

We researched each of the top recommended smart shower heads on the market today and came up with our 7 favorites to save you water and money. Come check them out!

Best in show: Smart Showers

  • Best shower head design: DreamSpa
  • Best features (including voice activation): U by Moen
  • Most innovative (but still in indiegogo mode): EvaDrop
  • Best audio: Kohler Moxie
  • Most affordable: Morpilot
  • Easiest to start tracking water usage: WaterHawk

Top 7 water-saving smart shower heads

U by Moen

The U by Moen smart shower, as described by Moen reps, is, "the first WiFi, cloud-based, digital shower on the market." 

The U by Moen allows you to control your shower 3 different ways: your voice, your phone (app), and the controller.

By giving you full control of your shower via their app, U by Moen lets you start, stop, and pause the shower not only from your bathroom controller, but also from your phone — or even with voice activation through Alexa.

Fully customize your shower preferences and save up to 12 unique settings on your phone, one for each family member and guests, or one for your morning shower (a little cooler) and your evening shower (a little warmer). The choices are yours! Water temperatures can be set anywhere between 60 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tell your shower to warm up for you while still in bed and get a notification to your phone when it's heated to your desired temperature, and voila! You can stroll straight from your bed into the perfectly heated shower. This would sure make getting up early on cold winter mornings easier!

You can even 'pause' the shower's water flow when it's heated to your exact temp, so you won't waste any water while you prepare to get in the shower. Need to grab a cup of coffee real quick on the way? Go ahead! No water will be wasted while you prep your perfect java.

Moen even allows you to set your preference of 0-20 minute timers to create your ideal smart shower length using one of the best water saving shower heads available on the market today.

Choose from 4 outlet choices for your preferred water flow, including include a regular shower head, overhead rain shower, tub faucet, or body spray.

More about U by Moen: 

Price: The 2-outlet digital shower controller is $1,225, and the 4-outlet is  $2,265.

Where can I get this? On the Moen website here. You can find Moen discount codes here, too.

Is there an app to download? Where do I get it? Yes, it's available here for iOS and here for Android.

Is U by Moen compatible with Alexa or Google Home, etc? Moen is adding Alexa and Siri voice control capability to the series this year. Some anticipate compatibility with Google Assistant in early 2019 as well, but that's just an educated guess.

How does U by Moen track water usage? The smartphone app connects to the shower panel and hooks up to a digital valve. The digital valve monitors everything including the water temperature, and works with your existing hot water heater to control the water outlets selected.

Any other interesting features? No, but you can use this locator to find a Moen showroom near you — some of which even have interactive smart shower displays you can play with. 


  • Four different water spray outlets to choose from
  • Toasty warm showers waiting for you on cold mornings; cool showers after a workout or a hot day doing yard work outside
  • Automatic updates to the app won't require hiring a plumber to add new functions to the smart shower
  • Some  found they were able to install it themselves without a plumber,  although this is probably not ideal unless you've done such work  previously


  • Somewhat  difficult to set up as it involves in-wall adjustments, (i.e you'll  probably need a plumber); for that reason, these are best set up as part of a remodel or new home construction
  • If the power goes out, there's no manual, WiFi-free option for a shower, (but Moen does sell a battery-powered backup for appx $60.00.)
  • Expensive

Bottom line:

The U by Moen is an exciting addition to the smart home that has everything, and one that will surely be welcome at shower time (especially in the morning!) and likely save you lots of shower water over the year. 

If you can get past the price and have a plumber available, you could really enjoy this. (Some brought up the possibility of hacking, which is certainly  possible with anything that connects to the internet — but we're not  convinced it's a big enough problem to avoid this purchase solely on that possibility alone).


Although still in Indiegogo mode (it's been there a while), EvaDrop does appear to be an impressive solution for shower water-saving. The Eva system is designed to work with "90% of showers and shower heads."

The EvaDrop stops shower water from flowing once it reaches a certain temperature (which you determine), and conserves the heated water until you're standing in place underneath it. So, when you're ready for your shower, it's ready for you — no standing there, waiting for it to heat up. It's already hot!

Then, using sensors that can tell where you're standing, the EvaDrop system adjusts the flow of water based on how far away from the shower head you are. 

If you're directly underneath the shower head, it gives you a full rinse at 100% flow. If you move back slightly, as you would to apply shampoo or soap up, it'll slow the flow down to approximately 80%, but still allow some flow to keep you warm while standing in the shower. 

If you go even further back away from the shower head, possibly to shave your legs, it'll cut the flow down even more. Here's a handy video to illustrate.

EvaDrop also lets you know when it's time to get out of the shower with timers that use EvaDrop's unique usage tracking capabilities and quietly blink LED lights when your time is up.

More about EvaDrop:

Price: Ideaing has it for $109, but the link takes you right back to the EvaDrop site, which has this at the bottom:

There are different deals for different amounts (ranging from $10 - $5,000) on the Indiegogo page, but none of them will allow us to click on them to get the deal. (Says 'CLOSED' at the top). You're welcome to try it yourself here, and check back for updates.

Where can I get this? Right now, it's only offered on the Indiegogo site here. Check for EvaDrop promo codes here.

Is there an app to download? Where do I get it? It should become available when the device is finally available, which is uncertain at the moment. Follow this space for updates.

Is EvaDrop compatible with Alexa or Google Home, etc? This information is not provided on their website nor on their Indiegogo site, although the Indiegogo site says it, "connects with the Eva Network".

How does EvaDrop track water usage? Through its app, according to this page. It also tracks water temperature.

Any other interesting features? The app gives you a comprehensive view of your own water usage statistics compared to others in the Eva community.


  • Sleek, modern look 
  • Works with all (well, 90% of) standard shower heads
  • Saves up to 50% water usage when used correctly
  • Nifty app lets you connect with other Eva users and compare water usage


  • It's been on Indiegogo for a long time (reached their fundraising goal in January 2015), and some EvaDrop smart shower backers are getting upset; check comments here   

Bottom line:

We'll be watching EvaDrop's pages here and here for updates, hoping for some shipments to go out at some point soon! If they do ship, these are likely to be impressive, cutting edge, and very helpful for water saving. Stay tuned!


Slightly more affordable and a bit easier to install, the WaterHawk Smart Rain Shower Head tracks real-time water usage "like a hawk," displays the current water temperature, and uses only hydropower for its LED display.

Created by its founders to measure the lengthy showers of a teenage girl in hopes she'd change her ways, the WaterHawk smart shower system turned into a much greater project when research revealed how many states in the U.S. have drought concerns and the strong need to curb our excessive water use became clear. 

The WaterHawk uses water power only to propel its hydroelectric turbine — no batteries or external power source required — in order to light its color-changing LED display of its current water temperature and usage on its face.

The display will alternate between temperature and water usage in gallons per minute (GPM) as you shower. Display will show this information even with a water flow as little as 1.0 GPM.

The WaterHawk should fit all standard 1/2 inch shower arms, easily installable in minutes.

More about WaterHawk:

Price: $49.99.

Where can I get this? On the WaterHawk site, or here on Amazon. Be sure to look for WaterHawk coupon codes here as well.

Is there an app to download? Where do I get it? There does not appear to be any app.

Is WaterHawk compatible with Alexa or Google Home, etc? No, it does not appear to be.

How does WaterHawk track water usage? The WaterHawk measures water usage by the gallon and water temperature as it flows through the 6.25-in diameter, rain shower-type head. See how the colorful display looks here. The blue light indicates less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while green means 90-108 degrees, red means 108-122 degrees, and flashing red means above 122 degrees.

Any other interesting features? No, but several reviews mentioned their kids had fun competing to see who could get showered using the lowest number of gallons after they got a WaterHawk for the household.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Helps conserve water and energy by showing real-time usage per gallon and temp
  • Fun for kids (and families, others) to compete on who can take the shortest showers/use the least number of gallons
  • Maximum flow of 2.0 gallons per minute meets the EPA's WaterSense flow rate specification
  • Works on household water systems with water pressure from 14.5 to 80 psi (pretty much covers nearly all possible households)


  • Lacks many features of some other smart shower heads

Bottom line:

If you want to start measuring how much water and energy you're using in your showers, WaterHawk is an affordable, easy way to begin. You'll know how much water you're using and the current temp of it at all times with its colorful display. Works with most water systems and household pipes.


Another battery-free, hydro-powered water saving shower head, Interlink Products' DreamSpa takes things up a notch with a 12-inch curved design for a relaxing shoulder-to-shoulder shower flow coverage.

With a multi-colored LED/LCD display, built-in water temperature sensor, and over 100 easy-to-clean jets for a full rainfall shower experience, the DreamSpa Aqua Fan All-Chrome Rainfall Smart Shower Head comes with a 1-year limited warranty and connects without any tools in just minutes.

Named Business Insider's Best LED Shower Head,  the DreamSpa color codes reveal water temps of lower than 95 degrees as blue, green for higher than 95 but lower than 109 degrees, red when it's above 109 but below 122, and flashing red when above 122. 

And once again, the DreamSpa, like the WaterHawk mentioned above, also requires no batteries, but relies upon its own water pressure, the power from which should last around 100,000 hours, according to BI.

More about DreamSpa:

Price: $34.99.

Where can I get this? On the IP Showers website, or right here on Amazon.

Is there an app to download? Where do I get it? There does not appear to be an app.

Is DreamSpa compatible with Alexa or Google Home, etc? No.

How does DreamSpa track water usage? The system is able to track usage by the gallon as the water flows through the shower head. (Usually maintains a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute via the internal flow regulator.)

Any other interesting features? Not really, but the curved fan design sounds like it gives a really cozy shower with the water flow all the way across the shoulders!


  • One reviewer describes the shower's flow as, "both shoulders and back are getting sprayed at the same time while some water goes over the front to keep the whole body warm"
  • Easy to install
  • Maintains a solid 4 stars (73% 4 and 5-star reviews) on Amazon after 210 reviews
  • Color-changing temperature display is brilliant, according to previous customers


  • Emits a whining sound when in use (not all had this, just some, and others had it intermittently after several months)
  • Some didn't like that they had to look straight at the display to read temp/water usage (esp. since the shower water is on)

Bottom line:

DreamSpa is a fun way to maintain control of how much water you're using while keeping your shower at your specified temp and enjoying a full rainfall shower across your shoulders and back. Although the water won't really look green/blue/red, the LED still casts a pleasant hue about the shower and you'll know the approximate temp by the color of it.


Love to rock out to your favorite tunes while you get ready for work? Now you can even do it in the shower — and answer calls in there, too!

The Morpilot Wide Drenching Round Shape Top Spray Rain Shower Head (whew!) has plenty of features to keep you entertained in the shower. Listen to music with its waterproof music jet wireless bluetooth speaker, or answer calls and speak to callers clearly via its built-in microphone.   

And as one of the more efficient water saving shower heads, the Morpilot will save you approximately 30% of typical water usage with its flow rate of 2.5 GPM. What's more, its shower head has a 3 times more powerful spray than standard shower heads, bringing you a full pressure, spa-like relaxation.

The bluetooth shower speaker has IP64 waterproofing, clear sound up to 33 feet away, and is fully removable for charging or use in areas outside the shower.

Each shower head comes with a waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker, user manual, a 1100mA rechargeable battery, and charging cable. When a call comes through, the speaker will ring.

More about Morpilot:

Price: $24.99.

Where can I get this? On Amazon here, or on their site for a higher price here. Be sure to look for Morpilot promo codes here, too.

Is there an app to download? Where do I get it? No. Instructions for receiving calls via the shower head include

  • Turn on Bluetooth in your smart mobile terminal, search for device name with "MSH008".
  • Pair your device with "MSH008".
  • Once "MSH008" is successfully paired with your device ,the blue LED indicator light will constantly illuminated instead of flashing rapidly and your speaker is ready to play music and receive calls from mobile device.

Is Morpilot compatible with Alexa or Google Home, etc? No, this is not listed on the company's product description at this time.

How does Morpilot track water usage? The Morpilot uses water-saving technology to maintain a water flow of 2.5 GPM.

Any other interesting features? No.


  • Easy to clean
  • Maintains a 4.5 star rating on Amazon after 177 reviews
  • Easily installed, can screw into any standard shower head.
  • Morpilot guarantees 100% satisfaction and a 1 year replacement/refund warranty
  • Provides over 11 hours of music via wireless pairing up to 33 feet away with your bluetooth-enabled device 


  • Although very few in number, some reviewers reported their speakers didn't work/batteries wouldn't recharge after a few months
  • Some reported having not received the charging cable which is supposed to be included in the original package

Bottom line:

This seems like a fun, quality produce for those who like to enjoy music and stay productive by taking calls even while in the shower. Affordable and easily installed. Note: If any part of your package is missing upon delivery, contact the company immediately (or Amazon if you ordered through them). (Package should include: waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker, user manual, a 1100mA rechargeable battery, and charging cable.)


Our next smart water saving shower head is the Hydrao, which changes color as you use water during your shower, letting you know how much you've used and when it's time to get out.

Using only the shower's water flow for power, there's no need for any batteries or external energy with the Hydrao.

Created by French engineer Gabriel Della-Monica with his daughters' long showers in mind, the Hydrao tracks water flow through the jets, using LED lights in green, blue, and then finally red to keep the user aware of their increasing water usage. The system flashes red after 50 liters has been used.

Check out their fun introductory video here.

Hydrao smart shower heads connect to both Android and iOS via the free app, on which users can set up a personal profile with customized settings and colors for their water usage tracking and timed shower goals.

It also works silently to gently remind users of their water usage, eliminating the need for annoying alarms or knocking on the bathroom door,

More about HYDRAO:

Price: $79.99.

Where can I get this? On the HYDRAO website. You can also find HYDRAO discount codes here.

Is there an app to download? Where do I get it? You can get it here for iOS and here for Android.

Is HYDRAO compatible with Alexa or Google Home, etc? Does not appear to be at this time.

How does HYDRAO track water usage? It's monitored through the flow in its shower head and info is stored on the app for up to 1,000 showers.

Any other interesting features? The app can memorize your shower preferences and can set up to 4 water usage thresholds and associated colors. You can also view your water usage and savings over time.


  • Given a 4.8 of 5 stars on GadgetFlow
  • Earned certification from WaterSense, ACS, FCC, and CE
  • 2-year warranty
  • Choose from multiple jet sprays including rain, massage, and mixed
  • Easy to clean jets stay pristine with a white vinegar wash-out 2 - 4 times annually
  • IP65 rating
  • Easily installed; compatible with most standard shower hoses


  • A bit pricey for what's offered
  • Some found it difficult to adjust 4 different water usage specifications with the app

Bottom line:

The HYDRAO will help you take shorter showers and thus cut back on your water and energy bills. It doesn't play music or answer phone calls, but the 5 LED colors do work and the system sets up well for most selling points. Note: To use this system and app properly, you'll need at least: smartphone/tablet bluetooth 4.0 capable, Android 4.3 or above; iOS iPhone or iPad bluetooth 4.0 capable, iOS 7 or above. 

Kohler Moxie

Enjoy up to 7 hours of music and news with crisp, clear audio when you install the Moxie shower head from Kohler with wireless speakers and pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled device.  

You can choose from either 2 or 2.5 GPM water flow through the Moxie's 60 perfectly angled jets, to enjoy a full shower while saving plenty of water.

The Moxie rainhead with wireless speakers also lets you enjoy a full shower — this time with over 80 angled jets and air-induction technology.

Choose the wireless speaker in a color you love — from the likes of retro blue, cherry red, navy blue, chartreuse, and original white — and pair your personal playlist with it to pop into the Moxie shower head whenever it's time for your shower. Or take it with you for music or news when you're traveling or sitting in your bedroom.

Easy installation involves removing your current shower head and replacing it with the Moxie, then popping your speaker into place (see video how-to here). It's magnetic and fits right in, while remaining simple to remove when it's time to recharge the battery or play music elsewhere.

Your paired device maintains volume in the system speaker, while smart shower control is reserved for the water flow.

More about the Moxie Showerhead:

Price: $97.53 at Amazon.

Where can I get this? On Amazon. Check here for Kohler promo codes.

Is there an app to download? Where do I get it? No.

Is Moxie compatible with Alexa or Google Home, etc? No.

How does Moxie track water usage? Through its 2.0 or 2.5 maximum GPM shower head.

Any other interesting features? No.


  • Most reported a solid bluetooth connection and great audio
  • Silicone face makes it easy to clean and prevent mineral buildup 
  • Rechargeable batteries and cable are included
  • Battery lasts a long time between charges (some said it only needed recharged 2-3 times per year with average usage)
  • Speaker easily snaps in and out of shower head
  • Full, thorough water spray coverage for most


  • Some found the speaker wasn't loud enough to hear over running water unless on highest volume
  • No volume control on speaker itself - so you'll need to adjust it on your device before getting in the shower
  • Some reported they could only pair it with one device at a time

Bottom line:

If you love the Kohler brand and/or music in the shower and you don't mind the price, this could be for you. Long lasting batteries, easy in-and-out speakers, and a full, relaxing water flow shower head – complete with a bit of water conservation to boot.

Other water-saving (non-smart) shower heads

We found some other great water-saving shower heads like High Sierra, Speakman, and WaterPoint, also with high customer ratings, but since they weren't technically smart shower heads, we didn't cover them today. 

Additionally, Spa Living looked good and is a smart shower head (extra cool because you can change songs while in the shower in addition to answering calls, etc.), but it was totally out of stock. Watch this space though — they'll probably be in an another top 10 soon!

There they are! Our top favorite smart shower heads available on the market right now. Do you think you'll get one? Did you find a better one we missed? Let us know in the comments below - and happy washing!


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